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Introducing The Prelaunch of Quantum3 Shield Upgrade

Not in months, weeks, or days... but in  a matter of SECONDS!

We Guarantee It 100% With Our "Quantum3 Challenge."

The Quantum3 Shield Does It All!

The-Quantum3 Shield is Your-Key

To Peak-Performance, Cell-Rejuvenation, and Cell-Protection . . . 


Exist at the Quantum Level, or it does not exist at all. 

Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Reveals That . . . 

The question is...

What Kind of Frequencies are Impacting Your Cells?

On the other hand . . .

Our BIG Problem is the Electro Magnetic Fields Bombarding Your Cells!

EMF's Are Robbing Your Cells of Life, Health, and Power

And it's getting Exponentially WORSE Everywhere, Every Day

Multiplied Billions are being spent on a Massive 5G Roll-Out

Physicians World-Wide Are Screaming!

How Does Being Able To Protect You And Your Loved Ones From Such An Overwhelming Invasion Make You Feel?

The Quantum3 Shield defends YOUR Life, Health, and Power
All Day . . .  Every Day . . .  Everywhere . . .

We Begin with Quantum Performance Power

Your Restored Natural Power creates INSTANT-Impact that can be seen, felt and measured immediately. Imagine achieving Peak-Performance for ALL of Your Physical Activities spontaneously. Whatever your physical hobbies, exercises or even work can be improved in a flash!

Mike Flynt with Spencer Fikes, a professional golf instructor.

Whether you're playing with your grandkids . . .

Or you're exercising  . . .

Or having a long day of shopping . . .

You can benefit from the Quantum3 Shield at any age.

Quantum V is the Best of the Best in Phase Angle Diagnostics.

The Quantum V Technology is used by the Center for Disease Control, NASA, and the leading hospitals in the world.

We subjected the Quantum3 Technology To the Rigorous Quantum V Phase Angle Test In Order To Prove That Cell-Rejuvenation and Cell-Protection Take Place at the Speed of Light

Stage One of the Phase Angle test measured each participant's baseline.

In Stage Two the Phase Angle was measured while the cell phone was on the participant's body . . .

Stage Three answered the critical question . . .

Would the Quantum3 technology make the cells IMPERVIOUS to

The Negative Frequencies Coming From The Cell Phone?

The Quantum3 technology not only intercepted IMMEDIATELY the phone's frequencies, even more impressive . . .

Everyone's Cell-Life-Score was Immediately HIGHER

These are the Phase Angle results of the fourteen participants tested

Mike Flynt with Dr. Miles Sauteben, Phase Angle Test Expert

Quantum3 Activates

Quantum3 Provides

These AMAZING Scientific Proofs . . .

Nothing Proves The Instant-Impact of The Quantum3 Better Than

Your Personal Performance Experience

(Or You Can Use The Phase Angle Test if You Choose To)

And it gets even better!

Featuring The Quantum3 Upgrade . . . With 50% MORE Power

One For $200 USD

Three For $500 USD

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